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AncestrAs is a collaborative project financed by Fonds Soziokultur. Its objective was to teach women to
recognize the knowledges inherited from their grandmothers, and provide them with tools so that they could pass
these knowledges on to more women.
The work process lasted a month and a half and we worked on the question:
what did your grandmother teach you about loving, caring, enjoying, and hating?
The questions were complemented with the elaboration of biographies of their grandmothers, recovery of documents
such as photographs, letters, and objects, and the answer to the question: what I do not remember about my grandmother?
Between August 8 and 15, we held a physical meeting with the women in the city of Berlin.

During that week there was a daily installation and performances, to which the audience was invited to participate.
The performances were conceived as forms of transmission of these knowledges and the women themselves put into
practice the tools they learned during the process.

Team: Verónica Troncoso, Leicy Valenzuela, María José Jaña, Dr. phil. Nushin Hosseini-Eckhardt,
Thais Vera Utrilla and Inti Gallardo.
Photos by Inti Gallardo and Verónica Troncoso.