Mein Name ist Victoria Rebeldía

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The performance “My name is Victoria Rebeldía”, belongs to the series “Secrets” that the artist Verónica Troncoso is elaborating from stories of women narrated by their own granddaughters.

The lives of women three generations ago were left opaque, secret and hidden for many reasons, among them, the patriarchal structure that has put women on a lower plane until today.

“Secrets” is a series of performances in which I tell the story of different women through the memories of their granddaughters who have intuitively rescued the experiences of their grandmothers.
My first story is that of Victoria Rebeldía, a Chilean woman who was expelled from her family and had her two daughters
taken away from her for falling in love with another man. Her daughters never had any contact with her, and it was her granddaughter, Pía, who started to find out about Victoria Rebeldía.

Pia, weaving pieces, scraps and secrets, recently began to gather information and to shape her grandmother,
Victoria’s ghost.

In the performance I look for forms through the narration of the story and the action of embroidering on a long skirt,
Victoria’s story. Thus, for the city of Konstanz, with the collaboration of Leicy Esperanza, who tells the story in German,
we are giving shape and body to Victoria’s Rebellion.

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