Stories from Inside and Outside

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National Gallery, Singapore Biennale, November 2019 to March 2020
“Stories from Inside and Outside”
is a work born out of the need to tell stories of migrant workers living in
Singapore. So after trips to Singapore in which I interviewed 16 migrants from Bangladesh. Sri Lanka, Philippines,
Burma,China and Indonesia, I made an installation that tells their life stories. Stories to which I have added the stories
of three young Singaporean actors who sought in their biographies their roots as migrants.
The installation consists of 20 semi-transparent canvases with the stories collected through interviews with 16 migrants,
a collective wall with photographs and drawings that they gave me, a sound recording that can be heard through headphones
that is placed in the window of the National Gallery, and a performance that takes place every month, in which the actors
tell their stories crossed with the stories of the migrants.


Singapore Biennale