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Victoria Rebeldía

Her name was Victoria Rebeldía, the ghost grandmother.
My grandmother’s name was Victoria Rebeldía. She was always like something ominous, ghostly, something that was not
talked about much, something that produced a lot of fear.  Something that was difficult and therefore omitted.

Collecting stories, I knew that Victoria was a haughty woman, with a lot of character, who fought a lot with my grandfather.
I know that they married young, she was 19 and 22, and very soon my mother and her sister were born.

There was always a punishing story around her about Victoria, and I wanted to break with that, so I imagine her as
a young woman, and I think we would have been friends at that time. I would have supported her.
I imagine her as a very brave woman to do what she did out of love. She left with the man she fell in love with until
he died.